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A/R/C is a Florida based architecture firm with an exclusive focus on Building Envelope that uses established and innovative architectural techniques to holistically assist Clients in achieving the best results

For us, Client success is job #1

Why A/R/C Now

These are the pillars that we use to support you

We Use Architectural Thinking
We Use Architectural Thinking

A/R/C is a specialty Architectural Firm devoted entirely to roofing, waterproofing, Building Envelope, investigation and design. It is not enough to know the materials and processes. It is important to understand how it can all fit together for the right solution. As architects, we think comprehensively, and look for the holistic solution considering lifecycle costs.

We Have the Experience & Skills

Approximately 1,300 reroofing projects over 38 years for school districts, local and state governments, and private customers. Expertise with the latest materials, technologies, processes, and management of building envelopes. Registrations through IIBEC, Inc. for Roof Consultant, Building Envelope Consultant, Waterproofing Consultant, Exterior Wall Consultant and Roof Observer. Unique architectural knowledge and understanding of roofing materials and methods related to the Florida climate. 38 years continuous experience, same name, location and management.

Our Management Approach Reduces Risk

Our Principals have hands-on Involvement. Beginning-to-end project management is our foundation. Quality assurance on budget, schedule and design throughout project is built in. We use an agile, adaptable, and scalable Studio Workload methodology. We are blessed with long-term team relationships.

We are Innovative

We employ traditional architectural methods when appropriate. We work with manufacturers to understand near-term technologies. We apply the latest technologies to the Building Envelope business environment. We work beyond manufacturer standard details to create custom fabrications to work with unique building conditions.

We Employ the Latest Technologies

We live in the Cloud. We have applied Cloud technologies throughout our business to provide better service to your business. All our team members have iPads to decrease paper, increase efficiency, and increase effectiveness. We moved all current and past work to the Cloud, tools and data, so we can access any file, on any device, anywhere.

We are Client Focused

We focus A/R/C on making each project a success for our Clients. Because of our holistic architectural approach we have a more complete understanding of our Client’s Building Envelope challenges. 80% of A/R/C’s revenue comes from repeat Clients.

Over 80% of our revenues come from repeat Clients

Outstanding Clients Testimonials

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than the satisfaction of our Clients!