Our staff includes three registered Architects, all of which have been certified by the Roofing Consultants Institute as Registered Roof Consultants. One has also been certified as a Registered Building Envelope Consultant, Registered Exterior Wall Consultant, Registered Wall Consultant, and Registered Roof Observer. Our approach to providing Contract Documents occurs in five phases. The process begins with Field Investigation of the subject roof and building followed by Design Development to present the conditions found and continuing with the Contract Documents, Bidding and Construction Administration.

  • Field Investigation – The intent of the field investigation process is to survey the area to receive corrective work so as to create a plan along with documenting all of the different conditions found. The format includes photographs of various conditions along with measurements and field notes. It is common for core samples to be taken so as to understand the actual materials and condition of the concealed construction. Since buildings are often not built as designed it is most important to verify the materials in place and conditions that exist.
  • Design Development – Following the field investigation the information obtained is reviewed in house so as to indentify the problems that exist and the solutions that are to be presented to the client. This information is presented in a Design Development Statement that includes an updated construction cost budget as well as preliminary plans, schematic drawings of core samples and the preliminary recommendations for corrective action.
  • Construction Documents – Following the Owner’s approval and direction to proceed with construction documents, our project team will develop plans and details of each different condition that is necessary to bid the scope of work. Supplementing this will often be fabrication details which show how to make the parts and pieces that are illustrated in the drawings. Technical specifications explain the quality of materials and standards to which they must meet.
  • Bidding Phase – During the bidding or negotiations phase we will release on behave of the Owner the design documents to invited or qualified contractors for competitive bidding. During the bid time the project team remains available to answer questions and generate addenda to provide supplemental information. Upon receipt of the bids we will evaluate the bids and make a recommendation to the Owner for proceeding with scope of work.
  • Construction Administration – During the construction phase of the project our Quality Assurance Representatives are available to review the quality in progress of the work. Site visits are most often performed on a weekly basis while construction is active. A written site report is generated and supplemental drawings are produced as required. The contractor’s application for payment is reviewed and approved upon submission and a certificate of substantial completion is issued at the end of the project. After the project closeout documents in the form of warranties, guarantees, release of liens and other material have been submitted we will authorize the final application for payment and deliver this along with the close out documents to the Owner.