A/R/C Associates, Incorporated offers roof and building survey programs for multi-building owners. The intent of this process is to document the building conditions in place, assess the maintenance and/or replacement needs and finally to create a working budget that will support the work to be performed. As part of this service we often produce drawings which serve to allow an accurate take-off of the areas involved as well as to locate special conditions. From the information gathered a prioritized repair/replacement spreadsheet is developed with costing information so as to assist the Owner in budgeting funds. The intent of the survey, whether it is for roofs, walls or components, is to assist the Owner in planning the maintenance requirements that will occur within a defined amount of time.

As part of the investigative process, the building envelope is addressed to cover designated items or the entire building. This may include roofs, walls, windows, doors and building penetrations. The survey will present photographs of the problems that are found along with a dialogue which serves to explain the condition and what is wrong at each location. A summary follows which serves to bring together the key issues found in the investigation. Recommendations are made along with costing information as required.